Art Studios

The Shared Art Studio at Bridge at Bridge Storage Arts & Events is a vital, shared creating environment, where artists and craftspeople use large worktables and drying racks. This is a 1500 square foot space with natural light and WiFi.

drying racks

Let it dry!

We offer a built in shared drying rack so that you do not have to wait for paintings to dry. It is shared feature within the makerspace.

table space

Table space!

We understand that you need space to spread out so we have tables, easels, and plenty of natural lighting waiting for you to create your next master piece.

sewing space

Sewing space!

Hey designers or crafters there is space in the shared studio dedicated just for you. We have double wide table for you to spread out your textiles and do pattern making.

Private Studios

In addition to the shared art studio we also have private art studios. The private art studio rent includes electricity and wifi. Call for information about special offerings!