Metal Shop

The Metal Shop at Bridge at Bridge Storage Artspace & Cafe is a vital, shared working environment, where welders use a large central worktable and a plasma cutting table to complete projects. This is an 800-square-foot space with natural light and wifi throughout.

This space is accessible to Bridge Makers that have been certified.

All Makers that have no experience welding we have teamed up with the Richmond Art Center to offer a class to teach you.

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Experienced metal workers who are also Coworkers should register for a Skills Assessment. Not a class, this will test your skills and ability to use tools safely. Check back for dates and time

metal shop workspace

Work Space

The Metal Shop is professionally equipped, with four welding stations

metalshop tools


The Metal shop at Bridge Storage Artspace and Cafe is an ideal place to access serious tools and a great working environment. We have an Everlast Plasma Cutter and a Lincoln Flux-Core Mig Welder plus so much more.

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See the tools waiting for you to use!