Art Studios

Nestled in the heart of Richmond’s Vibrant Santa Fe Neighborhood, just north of Berkeley and near the San Rafael Bridge, Bridge Storage Arts & Events presents an unparalleled, locally-focused creative haven for artists. Our private art studios offer a pristine black canvas for passionate individuals to unleash their artistic potential, create their next masterpiece, or display their art in a supportive community atmosphere.

Lets Talk Art!

Unsure if of what size studio you need or the first things to know when getting a studio, don't worry we are here to help. Fill in the questionnaire below and we will call you for a chat or schedule a tour.


Private art studios rent include electricity and wifi. Reserve your studio
below or call for information about special offerings where available.

Private Art Studio Community

At Bridge Art Studios, we are proud to foster a strong sense of community, with daily collaborations and connections among local artists. Our prime location features two gallery spaces - the Office Gallery and the Main Gallery - as well as ample common areas and table access for larger projects.

Art Studio On Your Terms                          

Our flexible monthly rentals cater to various needs, providing a diverse range of studio spaces without any long-term commitment. Each art studio comes fully equipped with essential amenities, such as fiber internet, some furniture, and large common areas for the occasional oversized work. Additionally, studio renters are able to access the Bridge Woodshop and Metal Shop to aid in their creative endeavors.

Artist Privacy

Designed to inspire, our studios boast a peaceful ambiance with doors that close to create a focused, creative Sanctuary. Plus, included electricity and wifi with 24-hour access, you can work whenever inspiration strikes. For added convenience, Bridge also offers a range of storage options, from lockers to full garage sized units.


At Bridge Private Art Studios, we embrace a wide range of artistic expressions. We celebrate diversity and encourage artists to explore various art forms and materials. From painting, and drawing to collage, writing, and performance art, we believe in the power of creativity without limits.

We also embrace unconventional art techniques, such as found object art, mixed media art, and protest art. The possibilities are endless, and we are always open to learning and discovering new ways of expressing ourselves through art.

Our studio is a supportive and inclusive space where you can freely express yourself and explore your unique creative voice. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting your artistic journey, we encourage you to be yourself and embrace the joy of creating art. Join us and discover the artist within.